We are leading a rebellion that resists pharmaceutical [pharmakeia] symptom and fear-based healthcare to offer one that empowers patients with hope, education and healing at the cause of the symptoms.


In 2019 the world became a victim to something much more sinister than a virus. A pandemic was imposed upon us that took away our right to leave our homes. Our smiles were hidden behind mandated masks, and many were forced to take shots that had not been tested lest they lose their jobs and right to travel. People were dying alone in hospitals without loved ones permitted in the room to hold their hand and advocate for them. We want to make sure that never again can the government take away our rights with lies and fear mongering.
When did this debacle begin? Watch the video below to find out.

We want to make sure that people can get the care they need in a safe place that is a sanctuary for healing. Our passion is to provide a place where people will never again be forced through fear mongering to wear a mask, get a jab or be restricted from being with the ones they love while under care. 

We are initiating a rebellion that commands change. It’s a change that awakens people to the truth about health and wellness. It’s a change that puts the right to choose a healthcare system that goes to the cause of the symptoms to heal. This change is so big we are going to need to build a hospital where patients enter assisted but walk out upright and on their own.

The Erb Healing Foundation seeks to fund the largest chiropractic hospital the world has ever seen, Erb Chiropractic Healing Sanctuary. This hospital will be modeled after the Spears Chiropractic Sanitarium and Hospital that was founded in 1943 and later demolished in the 80s. The Foundation’s vision is to provide a facility that is a haven for hope and healing.


• Funding the build and operations of the first of many chiropractic hospitals in the world-debt free

• Educating families in health through written content, workshops and seminars

• Provide funding for qualified people who cannot afford care


A study found that clients visiting chiropractors had:

•  60% fewer hospitalizations

• 62% fewer surgeries

• used 85% fewer pharmaceuticals than HMO clients who received traditional medical care
A study compared 700,000 health plan members with chiropractic benefits to 1 million members without chiropractic benefits in California. The results demonstrated that overall health care expenditures were lower in the group with chiropractic coverage. – Archives of Internal Medicine, October 2004.

The results of another study showed that patients receiving chiropractic care experienced significantly lower health care costs. Over the course of the two-year study, the chiropractic patients saved over $1,000 per patient in health care costs.

The US spends 3.6 trillion dollars a year on healthcare. If we eliminated 69% of that with healthcare that works, our country would save $2,484,000,000,000.


Visualize a health rebellion where patients are no longer victims. They are no longer held hostage by a diagnosis that makes them a servant to their doctors’ orders. Join our health rebellion that sets free the captives of disease to find true healing. Our hospitals will show patients how to live free from surgeries, procedures and medications that do not get to the cause of disease. Instead, we will focus on finding the cause so the body can heal as it was designed by God for true healing.

• You can join the rebellion by trading in your reliance on the current medical model for a chiropractic care plan that equips you for longevity. It will save you money and your life in the long run.

• You can join the rebellion by staying educated about your health. We have free workshops and events every month.

• You can join the rebellion when you buy our book Breaking Free from Chemical Religion and Finding Your Way Back to Health that donates 80% of its profits to the Foundation. Another 10% is donated to Stand for Health Freedom who protects our medical freedoms and 10 % is donated to The Justice Reform housing and rehabilitating those rescued from sex trafficking. Buy a copy for yourself and for your friends.


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